*About 800’ of trees and bushes cut and removed from north runway to widen it – teenagers hired

*Several tons of road shoulder scrapings from the County Road Department spread on taxiway and runways to even out surfaces – Chris Joles

*Scrap metal in woods on northwest corner of property removed and taken to scrap yard – Chris Joles

*New trails cleared with front end loader from back of pond to north runway – Chris Joles

*32 trees removed from the area back of hangar and area bulldozed/scrubby trees bulldozed in meadow – Dan Secrist Co.

*Front of house backhoed to take out old footer drains to solve basement dampness/new PVC drains installed/front yard graded to carry overflow to side of property/new landscaping done on three sides of house (Back of house had new drains installed in 2009) – Grant Excavating and Munoz Landscaping

*Ceiling fans, lighting and new library floor installed in Hangar 1 – Chris Joles and Josh Ferron

*Gazebo, house trim, and shutters painted – Elizabeth Cadorette (LEC volunteer and intern)

*Old dock torn out of pond and replaced with large one/new spillway excavated on dike to divert water away from lower hangar – Sam Miller Construction and Grant Excavating

*Wood chips spread and bordered with locust logs in picnic area by Hangar 1 – Chris Joles

*New well casing installed – Fredebaugh Co.

Airplane and Equipment Additions/Modifications

*New ultralight aircraft, a Tornado, bought and built by Chris Joles and flown by him for 55 hours in 2013

*Meyers OTW flown by Jeremy Heidinger to the Lost Nation Air Show in July, 2013/ Pheasant Run staff worked at the air show for its full duration

*Many radio-controlled model airplanes hung from Hangar 1 ceiling – Chris Joles

*Annual inspections and repairs done on several airplanes – Chris Joles and Jeremy Heidinger

*Fleet aircraft project sold and transported to new home in Valley City, OH – Chris Joles

*Kubota RV900 ATV purchased to replace worn-out Gators

*Used dump truck purchased for use on property/load of wood taken to Manor House – Chris Joles and Elizabeth Cadorette

*Two Honda Passport motorcycles donated by friend Colby Dyer


*Over 500 visitors given tours in summer of 2013, including many World War II and Vietnam veterans, a Boy Scout group, a Civil Air Patrol squadron and LEC alumni who were here for Alumni Weekend – Gretchen Reed, Ted Dalheim, Chris Joles, Jonah Reed

*Open houses held every Sunday from Memorial Day weekend through mid-October

*Helicopter landing and demo in fall of 2013

*LEC biology classes taught by Allen Fazenbaker here for botany studies

*Tour and instruction about aircraft engines and structures given to auto tech students from Willoughby Technical School:  Tour organized by LEC instructor Linda Siegel, who brought student teachers from the college – Chris Joles and Gretchen Reed

*Landing done by two motorized parasailers/Chris Joles and Jeremy Heidinger escorted them to the Debonne Winery in Geneva

*Visit by Anne McCallister, director of aviation at the Smithsonian Institution

*Two meetings held with Lake County Visitor’s Bureau/several visits done by their photographer Carl Stimac, who took many pictures, several of the Tornado piloted by Chris Joles and the L-16 piloted by Gretchen Reed while in flight/pictures and write-up to be done in 2014 Visitor’s Guide 

Plans for 2014 and 2015

*Gates to be installed at entrance to Hangars 1 and 2/floors to be painted

*New hangar to be constructed on north side of taxiway opposite lower hangar/present hangar to be used for aircraft maintenance

*New laminate floor to be laid in control tower/rotating beacon added

*New metal roofs to be done as needed on hangars and storage buildings

*Upgrade electrical lines to buildings

*Airport to be part of Leadership Lake County tours on May 14, 2014

Home Page

The airport staff of three full-timers, Gretchen Reed, Ted Dalheim and Chris Joles, have been working at many endeavors as listed below. Other names of friends and volunteers are included as are companies that were hired to accomplish certain jobs. 

Property and Building Projects

*Bulldozing and grading done on the college’s Balch Road property to remove unsightly trees, bushes, poison ivy and rusty fence – Grant Excavating and Chris Joles

*Old culvert on east runway removed and replaced with PVC, swales recut, brush to south side of runway cleared to allow for future parking lot – Chris Joles